Whitetransfer, get to know Thessaloniki and all of Greece!

First, let's say that hospitality, a purely Greek word, comes from the verb philo (=love) + stranger). Hospitality was an institution for the ancient Greeks to treat strangers in their home, generously. They particularly believed in the idea of ​​hospitality, and it was established as an institution in Ancient Greece.

The ancients believed that they had a moral duty to welcome and treat strangers in their home. That is why foreigners, as sent by the gods, were considered holy, honored and respected persons.

This non-discriminatory service is a principle that still applies to us today.

With this thought, whitetransfer, operating in the field of passenger transport, promises you comfort and safety so that you can enjoy your visit to the most important attractions of Thessaloniki, or to any lowland destination.

Cooperating with professional tour guides and our specialized experienced staff, it will make your stay in Greece an unforgettable experience.

Contact us and we will organize the best tour tailored exclusively to your needs!